new Train Girls

some more traingirls. I should have something quite different up soon.



the whole set remains on Flickr

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Train girls

One of my favourite things to do is draw people (well, okay, girls) sitting next to me on the train. I’ve drawn quite a few of them:

You can see the others in my Flickr set



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a sketch.

Leonardt 111EF and inkwash on Fabriano Accademia paper.


an inkwash sketch I did to test out Fabriano paper. not as good as Schoellershammer, but good nonetheless. a bit more tooth, and way more feathery. but it’s still very useable, and it has a nice texture. my favourite sketchbook, Fabriano’s Venezia, also has this paper. It’s great for inkwashing on the go.

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Bloggermajingythingy 2.0

Rebirth! Yep, a switch from LJ. the community seems to be slowly dying (even Brandon Graham is switching over), and I’ve been wanting to go for something a bit more swanky for a while now. let’s see how this goes… the importing of my old pages was very easy to do anyway, so there’s that.

Here’s some artwork I should have posted earlier.

A girl I drew during a train journey. I do lots of those, you can see more on my Flickr page. This one was done in a truly fantastic Venezia sketchbook by Fabriano. Pen used is a Pitt Artist Pen with a Superfine point.

loved her hair

A girl I drew while getting reacquainted with Schoellershammer paper and my 111EF Leonardt nibs.

tiny drawing, but the scan turned out pretty big. the paper can handle it.

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Dr. Sketchy’s Amsterdam 26-6-2010

I found out last week that Molly Crabapple, the inventor of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School was going to be in Amsterdam this saturday for a signing and mini Dr.Sketchy’s sesion. So I signed up, and yesterday I had a great time drawing from a live model. here’s a badly done collage of some of the sketches I did (click on it to go bigger, click on that to go huge!):

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Hospitals, Moomins and other stuff…

I’m going to use the Brandon Graham way of posting from now: not that often, but when I post, it’ll be all sorts of stuff…

click for much more!

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Initials BB

I’ve been on a huge Gainsbourg kick lately (both Serge and Charlotte, whose IRM record with Beck is tremendous) and when Initials BB came on the CD player in the car today, I knew I had to draw Bardot as a tribute.

If you want to see a huge version, click on the pic to go to my Flickr page.

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