Hospitals, Moomins and other stuff…

I’m going to use the Brandon Graham way of posting from now: not that often, but when I post, it’ll be all sorts of stuff…

So, that’s a Volcano for ya. Inspired by Iceland, I guess. I hated the colours at first, but now I’m quite okay with it.

A while back I did a comic for a competition for NRC Next, a dutch newspaper. I didn’t get very far. It was originally in colour but that was kind of hideous (I had all sorts of problems, like using the wrong paper: whatever you do, don’t draw on Canson BD/Manga/Comics paper, it bleeds like mad, and all the colours dry up very ugly). The comics aren’t very good, but hey, I needed to get my health shit off my chest, so here it is anyway….

My heart problems are under control now, the doc was very happy, except for my shortness of breath, so it was off to a lung specialist… and a gazillion tests. I was hooked up to all sorts of machines and shit. I should get the results next week. here are some sketches while waiting during the tests:

Therer was a girl in the neurology waiting room (where I had to wait for my lung tests). She had an awesome, very bright sleeve tattoo of a chinese dragon and the words "Not Dead Yet".  Definitely there for something serious. I had to draw her:

I had a dream about a sexy nurse the day night after the tests, which is weird, as none of the nurses I’ve ever seen in the hospital ever looked remotely sexy. ah well:

Finally, my girlfriend and I went to the Moomin exhibit in Brussels a few weeks ago. Really lovely. Tove Jansson was a great artist.Here are some photographs my girlfriend took:

I was surpised by the size: all the Moomin paintings were pretty tiny! I think this one was not even A4 sized:

Tove Jansson’s cover for The Hobbit:

Back to the drawing board!

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