hourly comics, and a burlesque lady.

here we are again… Last monday I tried to do Hourly Comics, but failed miserably. I only completed 5 hours of comics, after which I just got fed up because I found out I just had too little time to do what I wanted (the quality is shit). Later, when seeing Lucy Knisley’s hourlies I hit my forehead when realizing she uses much smaller panels. well, for next year. Also, I’m gonna try and do an hourly comic at least once every few days to flex my muscles. Anyway, here are the hourlies I did manage to do, crappy as they may be:

Next up, a more risqué picture, which I’m much happier with. A birthday card for a friend. My girlfriend asked me to draw a Burlesque lady for her, as that’s what she’s getting into recently. I liked the idea, and was thinking of a pose when I came across a photograph on the cover of this wednesday’s art section of Het Parool. I really loved it, so I changed the lady’s face to something I preferred and gave her nicer stockings. watercolours with Pitt Artist Pens.

And here’s a photograph that shows the newspaper cover and the silver ink I used for her tassles, earring and panties:

Yeah, I totally made her a bit rounder than in the photograph (and I think I made her breasts a bit more real, the ones in the photo look kinda fake), because hey, that’s how I like my ladies!

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