YYY, awesome Euro-comics art…

So, last week  my girlfriend, two of our friends and I went to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Paradiso, Amsterdam. It was a pretty awesome show. Karen O has so much energy, it’s insane. I think it’s quite rare to see a singer smile so much on stage, it’s a nice change.

Currently reading a lot of comics, King of Flies vol.1 by Mezzo & Pirus. I think it comes out in english next year from Fantagraphics. you can see some pages here: www.sherpa.nu/preview/prev_hallo_34.htm Very much Charles Burns-esque in its art and story, and that’s not bad at all.

I just had to share these awesome panels from the french edition of Donjon Monsters – Les Profondeurs. Killoffer takes art duties on this one, and the whole thing is insanely detailed, leading up to the final pages which feature panels like this:

and finally this bit of INSANITY:

I wonder how long it took him to do that panel. the mind boggles…

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7 Responses to YYY, awesome Euro-comics art…

  1. akhira says:

    Holy Jesus on a pogo stick. That is awesome.

  2. wiredwytch says:

    …I dare you to draw something that detailed for our livingroom 😀 or any other wall 😉

  3. nervousystem says:

    This is a good thing, I think.

  4. bougieman says:

    Holy shit. I had heard this graphic novel was off the hook, but to see it is just drives the point home. I hope it is translated to English as soon as possible!! Amazing!

    • seanvdm says:

      It really is just amazing stuff; I wonder how much time he spent on these pages alone. and what kind of size the original pages were.

      • bougieman says:

        They must have been quite big.
        When they reprint those books in english, they always do them in smaller books than the original French releases. I worry that a lot of that detail is going to be lost.

      • seanvdm says:

        yeah, the dutch versions are the same size as the French so we don’t have that problem. But I think the US versions are being published quicker than the dutch versions, so you do have that advantage (I had to read the book with a dictionary at my side, my french isn’t that great).

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