looking back, looking forward.

So, 2010. The year we made contact and all that. Last year was a pretty shitty year for me, with no work, and shitty health. But at least there were good books, tv, music and movies to cheer me up!

Favourite 3 books:
City Of Dreaming Books- Walter Moers. My favourite of the year. I’m incredibly thankful to my friend Petra for introducing me to this book. Moers really is just the most imaginative writer out there.
The Death Of Bunny Munroe- Nick Cave. It’s Nick Cave writing the blackest possible sex comedy . what’s not to like?
Godverdomse Dagen Op Een Godverdomse Bol – Dimitri Verhulst. The Flemish: still making better dutch language books than dutch writers.

Favourite 3 graphic novels:
Ergens Waar Je Niet Wil Zijn – Brecht Evens. stunning watercolour stuff. to be published in english this year, under the title, "The Wrong Party".
The Book Of Genesis – Robert Crumb. lovely pen and ink renderings by the master.
Wonton Soup part 2: Hyper Wonton Soup – The Quickening… Soup by James Stokoe. worth it just for the title. batshit insane stuff.

favourite TV:
Doctor Who – The End Of Time. loved it, despite having as many endings as Return Of The King.
Sons Of Anarchy. hell yeah. great acting, great action, great music.
Bored To Death. My favourite new show. see it people!

favourite music:
IRM – Charlotte Gainsbourg (with Beck). It’s a Beck album, with a whispery french lady singing. There apparently is nothing more I need from an album.
It’s Blitz! – Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not just a fantastic concert in Paradiso, but thankfully, also a great third album by the New York three.
Two Suns – Bat For Lashes. I liked it most of the year, but only started loving it when I went to see her live in October.

Favourite movies:
Up. best dog I never owned.
Let The Right One In. okay, so I technically saw that one late late last year, but only saw a GOOD (legal) version of it this year, so it counts.
Inglourious Basterds. excellent Tarantino stuff. Just amazing.

favourite videogame:
Uncharted 2, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 2. okay, and Flower.

So… 2010, what will you bring, culture-wise? I’m looking forward to the following:
music:  new Beck (hopefully), new Grinderman, new Fleet Foxes.
movies: Fantastic Mr. Fox (yeah, thanks Hollywood for your shitty staggered internation releases), Iron Man II, Gainsbourg – Vie Heroique (t’s Joann Sfar doing a movie on one of my favourite singers), Clash Of The Titans, Inception… and most of all Scott Pulgrim Versus The World.
tv: more Bored To Geath, Sons Of Anarchy, etc. and Jack Bauer’s final day of DAMNITs. Also, Treme and Song Of Ice And Fire.
books: more Walter Moers? catching up with Steven Erikson before the final Malazan book appears.
graphic novels: Craig Thompson’s Habibi, Paul Pope’s Battling Boy (and hopefully the complete THB.. one can dream), more Multiple Warheads, and a shitload more I’m forgetting.
games: Red Dead Redemption. and hopefully The Last Guardian.

and now, drawing time!

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