top 12 comics and other things

So, last friday I heard that my contract wasn’t going to be renewed. which means I’m out of a job… the first of October. well, it’s a sucky job anyway. Still, it means having to go job hunting and everything, and spending very little money till I find a new job. bah.

A lot of people posted their favourite comics in the past day or so, so here are mine…

Top 12

Top row:

Love and Rockets vol.2 #18. Really, it could be any of Jaime’s comics featuring Ray. they’re my favourite works by him.
Luba Comics and Stories, I forgot which issue. all of Beto’s stuff is great. his porn graphic novel, Birdland, is also brilliant.
Cages by Dave McKean. awesomeness. a heavy tome of genius.
Bone by Jeff Smith. always a source of inspiration.

Middle row:

Black Hole by Charles Burns. I love Burns’ artwork. go see Peur[s] Du Noir / Fear[s] of the Dark. it’s an interesting animated anthology featuring a nice creepy story by Burns. the animation is stiff but the style is well captured.
Apocalypse – The Eyes of Doom by Juan Gimenez and Roberto Dal Pra. awesome supernatural thriller from the artist of the Saga of the Metabarons.
Phoenix – Karma by Osamu Tezuka. hard to pick a favourite of his. the Buddha comics are also fantastic.
Perchance to Dream – The Indian Adventure of Guiseppe Bergman – Milo Manara. could be any of the Bergman books by Manara, really. he’s a master of pen & ink.

Bottom row:

Fable of Venice by Hugo Pratt. really, all of the Corto books are favourites, but this one is especially great.
New Tales of the Arabian Nights by Jan Strnad and Richard Corben. Corben! he’s brilliant. big influence on my artstyle, especially his inking.
Donjon by Sfar and Trondheim (and many others). a fantastic series, including all the side stories and stuff. they are really hard at work creating a world.
Sandman #75 by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell. my favourite Sandman issue. a lovely arabian nights style fable with terrific art by PCR.

EDIT: I cannot believe I didn’t include The Incal or any other Moebius comics. or Crumb. or Dave Cooper’s Suckle or Ripple. but the ones above are pretty awesome by themselves…

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3 Responses to top 12 comics and other things

  1. wiredwytch says:

    … somehow I think you’ll think of loads more comics you love but did not include… 🙂

  2. snar_fled says:

    Nice. Yeah, that issue of Black hole is my favorite. I almost picked that over El Borbah. I used to be more into Dave McKean, but drifted away from his work for some reason. I really want to read the entire Cages series.

    • seanvdm says:

      Cages really is very good. it can be hard to get into it, but it’s totally worth the steep price. NBM reprinted it a few years ago, though I got lucky and managed to get the signed limited edition hardcover on the cheap from Bud Plant when Kitchen Sink went under.

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