Spending too much money..

So, I bought a new drawing table. It should arrive by the end of september, and I’m psyched about it big time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use my current table top on the legs of the new one, which will save me some money, with the table already costing me an arm and a leg. Add to that my unsure job situation and I really don’t want to spend too much. But, like my girlfriend said, It’s something that should last an awful long time, and I need it to save my back…

Been doing a lot of quick sketches and an awful lot of thinking about my comic, and here’s an older but still nice pic that is one of the main designs of my lead character. She might end up not being topless though.


Did this with blue pencil and inked it with a Pentel Pocketbrush. I adore that pen, and it’s really opened my eyes to working with a brush. Still prefer using a pen though.

oh, and I got my order from Khepri.com yesterday: Pixu, 5 and Peng. Only read Pixu so far, pretty good stuff. Also went to Haarlem to visit a museum exhibit on Anton Pieck, this great book illustrator. His stuff was very whimsical and very much Arthur Rackham/John Bauer in style. I read a bunch of articles on the man by people who completely misunderstood where he was coming from, wanting to compare him with Rembrandt and other great Dutch master painters. The man wasn’t trying to be Rembrandt, the guy loved doing illustration. I still want to buy his version of 1001 Arabian Nights, you can see a shitload of his illustrations for that series of books here:

Just look at this awesome artwork:

He also designed great parts of the dutch theme park The Efteling. well worth a visit if you’re in The Netherlands.

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3 Responses to Spending too much money..

  1. well, that sneak preview of your comic does intrigue me! πŸ™‚ I’m loving the detail on her hair and skirt/fur thingy.
    btw, I didn’t know there was an exhibition with Anton Pieck artwork: which museum is it? I might go, because I love his artwork so much.

    • seanvdm says:

      This past weekend was the final weeked of the show, unfortunately, though the catalogue stressed there’s going to be a big expo on the man in The Anton Pieck Museum in Hattem next year, so you’ve got that one to look forward to.

  2. wiredwytch says:

    <- risking that this might embarrass you. I just had to show you. And the Anton Pieck expo was lovely πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the book fair this weekend!

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